I Currently Attend Marymount California University

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Greetings, I absolutely love biology. I grew up on the California coast and was always extremely fascinated about life and death. When I was just starting middle school, the CSI shows had come to prominence. I spent every minute watching those shows. Yes, I know that the producers make catching a dangerous criminal is very glamourous. My studies prove that many of those tools they use to analyze evidence have a basis in truth. Your university has the most if not all of the classes necessary to complete my degree program. Biology is my first love, but I am truly fascinated by criminals. I want to know what makes them tick and then use the evidence to convict them, so they can never succeed at doing it again. The new technology is incredible. I want to learn all about it so that I can be the best criminologist out there. I currently attend Marymount California University. I have become dissatisfied because they lack the opportunities your university has. I want to focus on both biology and technology that can make me an ideal candidate for any forensic department anywhere in the continental United States. I think your school has the proper reputation that will make me a viable candidate. Being a forensic scientist is my absolute dream job, and I hope to take those next steps at your university. Attending your university is my top priority, and it will please me to no end to begin my studies at the next session that starts this next January. I have family close by your university and have living arrangements and a potential off-campus job already lined up. Your university was consistently in the top ten universities offers the right classes to move towards that degree. I am

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