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Name Institution Course Date I am Writing about Me I have to acknowledge that I have grown significantly as an individual especially when it comes to communication skills. At the beginning of the semester, I was very shy and found it difficult to pass a message or even speak in front of a group of more than three leave alone a whole class, unless they were very close friends. This was due to the fact that I felt like the audience mostly concentrated mostly on me as a person instead of the message that I was trying to pass. This would affect me as I would panic and forget the message I was trying to say and sometimes found myself stammering. At the beginning of the semester, if I was given a presentation to do in front of the whole class, I would have passed no matter the consequences since standing in front of people to make my voice heard was my worst nightmare that I was not ready to go through. As a result of being tensed, when forced to speak in front of people, I found another weakness being exposed that was my body language. In as much as my non-verbal skills are well developed, I found myself not being able to use them while communication to a group and most of the times would just use verbal communication. At first, I wasn’t aware of the weakness until I noticed when I speak over a short period people would get bored and decided to evaluate myself by asking some of my friends the reasons. The other challenges were maintaining eye contact with my audience. Due to my shy nature, I tended to avoid looking at the audience and most of the time I looked down, or at the materials, I was present or talking about. At times when I became aware that I have to

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