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I am Sam Name of Student Name of Institution I am Sam In 2001, Jessie Nelson directed an American movie entitled, "I am Sam." The protagonist, Sam John Dawson, portrays anomalies in his development as a result of cognitive complications. After fighting to acquire his daughter from custody, Sam ironically raises an intellectual child, Lucy Dawson, who understands his father’s condition. The incorporation of other characters with both physical and mental disabilities enlightens the audience on Nelson’s message. The film utilizes a blend of different characters to accentuate the prevalence of diversity in various societies. To understand various diversity issues in "I am Sam," there is an exploration of disenfranchised groups. Sam and other characters exhibit developmental challenges which affect both their mental and physical well-being. Amidst other diversities, the primary one in the film revolves around psychologically abled and disabled folk (Nelson, 2001). “I am Sam” depicts a case of dysfunctional growth from childhood. Through Nelson’s film, the audience may integrate Sigmund Freud’s notions apropos of developmental hindrances. His psychoanalytic theory delves deep into the defects and abnormalities noted during one’s growth. While there are three specific stages to be followed into adulthood, when individuals skip a given one, they succumb to these disabilities. These complications, therefore, lead to diversity within members of a community. Sam’s inability to reason like an adult delineates an outright malfunction in one of his developmental stages. On Viewing "I am Sam," the audience understands the spectrum of diversity. Most people

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