Hypertension Crisis

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Hypertension Crisis Hypertension Crisis A presentation of hypertension combined with diabetes mellitus can be difficult to manage although not impossible. The responsibility of a nurse in such a case should be to motivate willingness for adherence to the formula that is chosen. In most cases, persistence in taking the medication is the most important part of the disease management. The two diseases can be controlled by a particular set of drugs combined with lifestyle changes. (Song et al., 2016) Prescriptions that can be used for hypertension control include thiazide diuretics, beta-blockers, angiotensin converting enzymes, calcium channel blockers and renin inhibitors. Of these drugs, it is indicated that C.J has been taking Lisinopril. This is one of angiotensin converting enzyme that works through the relaxation of blood vessels. It is possible that C.J additionally received a prescription for calcium channel blockers. This medicine has been shown to perform very well in black older men. They are a proper replacement for beta blockers which do not work efficiently on older black men. For diabetes mellitus, conventional medication involves insulin therapy. (Song et al., 2016) Luckily, both diseases have very similar lifestyle requirements. One of the requirements is the maintenance of a healthy body weight management. Alt 797lbs, C.J is grossly overweight and should focus on weight reduction techniques. Both conditions recommend an increase in physical activity such as walking and swimming. (Fiona White, 2016) Such activity will contribute to weight reduction. In addition to this maintaining, a healthy diet will reduce weight and help in the maintenance of blood

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