Humanoids in Business Management

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Humanoids in Business Management Name Institutional Affiliation Humanoids in Business Management There is a significant rise in humanoid robotics. The technology attributes its success to its ability to offer human beings personal assistance. However, with the rise of the need to develop amicable solutions for the business environment. The development of humanoids with communicative intentions similar to those of human beings increases the confidence and trust that individuals have with the existing business. Synthetic sensor design is used for the creation of the humanoid robotic. A significant element is that humanoid robots have to deal with complex sensations, which include gaze sensors that have the capabilities of the brain like analyzers (Burg, Mack, Walker & Groff 2015). The gaze sensor incorporates a sophisticated algorithm that provides the robot with a better understanding of the communicative intentions, similar to those of human beings. Consequently, the operating structure of the humanoid robot depends on the Android operating system, which provides it with enhanced human capabilities. However, Dimitrova, & Wagatsuma (2015), mention that the mechanical aspect of the robot is facilitated by artificial intelligence mechanisms, all of which are instrumental in providing the robot with human intuitive assumptions and capabilities. The information technology is related to the corresponding business major in a variety of ways. The development of technology that enhances human interaction provides a subtle way of building confidence amongst people. The robot's technological abilities provide a reliable framework that improves human communication

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