Human trafficking

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Human Trafficking in Myanmar Authors Name Institution Affiliation Human Trafficking in Myanmar: A specific focus on Labour Exploitation among the People of Myanmar. Abstract Human Trafficking is the modest form of slavery in the society today, and they are of various types. However, more studies have concentrated on Sexual exploitation among women resulting from the transnational sale of people leaving a majority of the population not enlightened and vulnerable to other forms of trafficking. Very few research has been done to demonstrate or give reasons for the vulnerability of some part of the world's population to human trafficking than the rest of the world's population. Some of the susceptibility is due to behaviors, practices and attitudes of the communities, while some of the factors breeding Human Trafficking arise within the government due to the various forms of government corruption networks built by the transnational criminal syndicates to enable them to perpetrate these serious crimes against Humanity. The research topic focuses on labor exploitation among the marginalized communities living in Myanmar resulting from human trafficking. The general objective of the research is to explain the factors that enhance Human Trafficking in Myanmar. The study also aims; to establish the number of Human Trafficking victims in Myanmar, to investigate the cultural, economic, social and political factors making the people of Myanmar more susceptible to Human Trafficking, and to identify the role of the Myanmar government regarding the vulnerability of the people of Myanmar to Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking in Myanmar: A specific focus on Labour Exploitation

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