Human Sexuality

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Name Teacher’s name Course Date Human Sexuality. The sexual revolution started in the 1870s with the Women’s Liberation Movement where a lot of sexual affairs were brought into the light. Throughout history, many legal and moral codes were geared towards controlling sexual behavior. Furthermore, there existed many myths and theories about conception. Nonetheless, these myths were brought to rest with the demonstration that the sperm is the one that combines with the egg. Shortly after, the first condom made of rubber was invented. Between 1920 and 1945, the highest boost in premarital sex was witnessed. Also in the 1920’s women were granted the right to vote. In 1959, the bikini was made public (LeVay and Valente 45). A pivotal part of the sexual revolution occurred between the 60s and 80 where more women became educated, were more aggressive in bed and started to work away from home. Much of the things that affected sexuality included TV, magazines, and movies. Another important aspect of human sexuality was the emergence of contraception. It started in 1959 when Intra-Uterine Device (IUDs) tests were carried out in Japan and Israel. One year later, the first ever oral contraceptive was authorized to be used by the public. Gender roles is also an important part of the sexual revolution. Historically, the woman central role as the sexual partner was to satisfy the needs of the man. However, this started to change in the 1960s: 1963 saw the invention of the Equal Pay Act, whereby women were entitled to the same pay as a man if they are doing the same job; 1964 saw women being included in the Civil Rights Act (Bloom and Hobby 13). On the other hand, the 80s and

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