Human Resources and Global Accounting Standards

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Title of Paper Your Name Course Number Due Date Instructor’s Name What characteristics make good/effective global managers? What characteristics make bad/ineffective global managers? Management is a vital component to all organizations. It’s the management that will determine the success or failure of any corporation in today’s world. In this ever changing world of globalization, the leadership in organizations has changed immensely. New requirements of global insight and global mindset have become the indispensable qualities required for the new managers (Chuang, 2013). The characteristics possessed by effective global managers include the following: Global thinking and global mindset An effective global manager thinks globally. His mindset is focused purely on the global factors affecting the business environment. He/she has an overwhelming of the new business development around the world and can take advantage of these changes (Cohen, 2010). Varying tastes and preferences Different people have different tastes and preferences. A product may be popular and profitable in one region or country but lead to a massive loss in another country. Good global managers can know what fit where (Knight, Riesenberger, Cavusgil and Tamer, 2013). Competition from foreign firms Many companies have found it hard to break even in foreign countries. Some end up shutting their entire operations. Active global managers understand perfectly how to compete effectively in these new markets (Knight et al., 2013). Appreciation of cultural diversity Active global managers appreciate and value different cultures of the people from where they operate. This will help them in

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