Human Resource Management

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HR Management: Recruiting Employees Recruitment is a complicated process; this is because the recruitments efforts should be aligned with a firm’s strategic plan. Also, some recruitment procedures are more efficient and superior than others in regards to the candidates being recruited and the resources allocated in conducting the process. The success of the recruitment process is affected by both internal and external factors. Internal aspects affecting recruiting include consistency of the company’s recruitment efforts in regards to its strategic goals, the lower level jobs are easier to fill when compared to the highly skilled jobs since the number of qualifications required is fewer. Some of the external factors include a limited supply of employees and lower numbers of qualified people; this means that as companies continue looking for qualified employees, the number of people with the required qualifications keeps declining. Increasing challenges to effective recruiting have made companies turn to previously untapped talents pools. One of the groups that firms are trying to attract is single parents; this is achieved by providing appropriate working hours to help the workers from this category create a suitable work-life balance. Companies are also encouraging older workers to continue working for them even after they reach the retirement age; this is because they already have the required skills and experience. The other option is the minorities and women, though they may lack the necessary skills, firms attract this group through providing training before they can start working. Another category is the welfare-to-work recipients where companies apply for

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