Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Human Resource Management Summary of Case Employee training is pivotal to creating opportunities for firms perched on top of the game. Organizations that invest in employee training appear to be more successful compared to their competitors that have not taken up training programs as part of their core human processes. The estimation of the market shares and measurement of the impact of training on the growth proves that training positively affects the bottom line. Employee training saves money for an organization in the literal sense, and not just through extra revenue generation, primarily, when the training methods are modern and based on available technology as opposed to the use of traditional training methods (Cascio, 2016). Critical Thinking Questions 8-20 A ten percent change means a lot for the bottom line, given that the mean revenue brought by the customer per month is $500, and there are 500 customers. Of the 500 customers, “before training,” 75 customers were “very dissatisfied-will never return,” a number that reduced by 50 customers who are satisfied and will return, which indicates a bottom line revenue of $25,000 per month. For 1000 customers, the revenue generated because of the increase in customers would be $500000, but only $25000 will be missed in the subsequent month. 8-21 A direct cost might involve the company outsourcing for the service externally when there are employees on the payroll, who are unable to do the job because they are untrained. When there is no training, u = 0. Without training of in-house employees, productivity falls in an

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