Human Resource departments

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Human Resource departments in various organizations are regulated by certain procedures that normally aim at ensuring fruitful coexistence between the employers and employees. The HR procedures in the various institutions may include standard procedures and personalized procedures. The standard HR procedures are normally set by government agencies to aid various small businesses and organizations in managing their employees effectively and efficiently. Personalized procedures, on the contrary, expresses the HR functions in relation to a specific organization, and the procedures are not necessarily set by the government, but they have to be within the government regulations. As standard procedure regulates the general relationship between the employees and the employees in both the large and small organizations, the personalized HR procedures are normally set by various institutions, and at times they can be different from the standard procedures, but then they can no longer act against the standard ones. Both procedures ensure the quality of services between the employees and the employers even though they are set by different bodies. Introduction Firms and several institutions grow, meaning that the tasks human resource sectors also grow. A lot of duties are outsourced and brought into the organization; some other strategies are added to the HR function to efficiently manage employees in the organization. Human resource is often used to define the people working in a company and the sectors that are obligated to manage employees (Chris, 2014). HRM, on the other hand, is a term used to describe the running and growth of employees in an organization; it involves

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