Human relic uncovered in Denmark (National Geographic)

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Human relic uncovered in Denmark (National Geographic) Time to time remains of people has been found in bog pits and used for historical research purposes. The remains of Tollund bog man discovered in the 1950s were however not the typical scene. His body had defied the laws of nature. His face, lips, and skin were still intact and recognizable despite being dated 2400 years old by the use of carbon dating. The mystery behind his body preservation is still a puzzle that archaeologists. His outlook clearly does not match someone of his age. He is useful retrieving historical information on the reasons behind the traditional way of life. Though found with a rope around his neck, the real reason for his death cannot be established. The archaeologists are faced with two challenging scenarios to choose one. Some propose that it was a death penalty bestowed on him, and that would explain the rope on his neck but then fails to auger well with the fact that the body was well laid with a touch of compassion so to say. The other theory seeks to prove that he was a sacrifice. The only link to this assumption is in the manner which he was laid. The Bog man is estimated to have been of average age, 30 to 40 when he died. To date, the Tollund bog man remains a special piece of study with more than 1000 other bog men being found. He is also believed to have lived in a farming area in the Iron Age. The only bog man with such fine detail to learn from a lesson. There was also an indication of religious rituals by antique vessels. This article applies in my course in that it is from it we can learn the early form of life and its characteristics. The choice was propelled by the fact that

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