Human Growth and Development

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Name of the Student Professor’s Name Nursing 7th November, 2016 Addressing Development Needs in Children Exposed To Parental Violence Background The present case study reflected that John was exposed to parental violence during his childhood. The parental violence stemmed due to the substance abuse habits of Liam (John’s father) and the financial constraints in the family. Amy had a history of post-natal depression. John lives with his mother in an apartment in Dublin. He is separated from his father and exhibits indifference to his mother Amy. John attends a play school and remains withdrawn from other children. Moreover, such behaviour is notable by his school teachers. They also realized that John tries to cope with challenging situations and does not seek help from others. John also exhibits poor cognitive and motor skills. Moreover, John seems to remain independent and do not exhibit fear towards strangers. John is succeeded by two cousins who live with their maternal uncle. The present article reflects the growth and developmental needs of John. The article also elucidates the different strategies that need to be implemented across different stakeholders (who are related to John) for meeting the developmental needs of John. Strategies for Individual (Amy- John’s Mother) The case study reflected that John might suffer from underlying depression. The predisposing risk factors for John’s depression could be exposure to parental violence during childhood or genetic predisposition to depressive disorders. This is because Amy had a history of post-natal depression. Moreover, Amy herself could be suffering from underlying depression due to

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