Human Body Parts Industry

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Student Professor Course Date Corruption In our country, the government has not laid proper rules and regulations to curb corruption. This has led to the increase in corruption in various sectors of the government. As a result, we can define as a dishonest behavior by those in power. Consequently, from our discussion in class we can understand the way corruption has penetrated the medical research fields. In our studies, scholars conduct extensive research to solve our problem that is why to solve most problems in the medical area we are using cadavers to carry out some research that will be essential in identifying problematic areas in our bodies and them way they should be handled (Moniruzzaman 70). This is because we continue to ask ourselves that cadavers set aside for research are enough but why always that the demand has to exceed the supply. Therefore, it becomes evident that there something wrong that is going on that need to be solved. The society is against the selling and buying of human body parts, and our leaders have done nothing to control such legalization. They are not listening to the grievances of their citizens (Moniruzzaman 69). Also, we realize that some criminal activities are going through illegal harvesting of body parts. Finally, the government should create awareness of the primary use of cadavers and restrict buying and selling. Works Cited Moniruzzaman, Monir. "“Living cadavers” in Bangladesh: bioviolence in the human organ bazaar." Medical anthropology quarterly 26.1 (2012):

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