Human Behavior ( textbook will be provided)

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Human Behavior: Name of student: Name of institution: Abstract The genetic, situational, biological, and predisposition behavior of human beings are influenced by the changes in their genes as explained by the diathesis-stress model. Abnormalities affecting humans are due to their genetic alterations at their childhood, gestation, and childhood stages. Consequently, it is essential to check the gene structure of individuals at an early age to avoid complications. This also helps in preventing complications later in life. There are however many advantages and drawbacks of genetic testing on human beings. Physicians recommend individuals to use gene testing to know their health status. Additionally, it helps in gauging an individual’s sensitivity to the surrounding environment. Health experts also use gene testing to understand an individual’s genetic expression. However, when the gene expression results are misinterpreted, these tests may be inaccurate or have biased information. This discussion draws information from research by Michael Vaughn, Matto C., and Matt DeLisi in their book. “ Keywords: Gene, Genetic Testing, Diathesis-Stress Model, psychological disorders, Dopaminergic. Michael Vaughn, Matto C., and Matt DeLisi argue that diathesis-stress model influences human behavior (Vaughn et al., 2013). Most psychological disorders result from the interaction between stressful life experiences and predisposition vulnerabilities. The diathesis is likely to create genetic, biological, situational, or psychological adversities to human beings. The authors argue that the diathesis-stress model depends on the sensitivity of an individual to the

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