Hugo’s abridged Les Miserables

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Hugo's Abridged Les Miserables 'Les Miserable' is based on a prisoner known as Jean Valjean as he escapes from an inspector named Javert. Valjean was sentenced to nineteen years for stealing loaf bread. Val jean experienced the barricades during the June Rebellion. Hugo reveals the plight of the French people in the 19th century (Vargas 2007). Hugo condemns the social injustices affecting France in the 19th century. The underlying claim that Hugo is advancing is that class –based structure of France transforms the right people in the society into hardcore criminals and beggars. In particular, Hugo identifies education, the plight of woman and crimes as the key areas which needs to be addressed. There is sufficient and convincing information from the characters to support the claim. Firstly, Fantine represents good and productive women in the society, but they are impoverished and driven to the point of desperation by the inhuman society (Vargas 2007). The reputation of Fantine is eroded when she was abandoned by her lover by the name Tholomyès. Moreover, the life of Fantine comes to despair in that she gave birth to an illegitimate baby. The struggle for Fantine to hide the circumstances is hindered by the fact that she lacks education. Despite the ordeals that Fantine has, she is losing her job from the factory. The reason behind the firing from the factory is that she involved herself too much in immorality.As a result, Fantine opts for prostitution.In Fantine scenario, Hugo reveals the hypocritical society which does not treasure education on women by encouraging immoral acts of men such as Tholomyès.

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