Huck Finn

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Name Professor Title Date How Huck Grows as a Person Huck is a poor and dirty boy who is often homeless. He emanates from the lowermost ranks of white society. Huck’s father is called Pap. Pap is a drunk and a hooligan who disappears for a long time. The society fails to protect Huck from his father. Huck misses school and religious teachings. Middle-class boys have well trained on social values that Huck is not aware of. A widow called Douglas who is living with her sister adopts Huck. At Douglas’s house, Huck finds a new life. He is in a clean environment where people have manners. Widow Douglas takes Huck to school to learn what he has missed. Huck is also taken to the church at least to understand social values. However, Huck resists the changes and upholds his autonomous ways. Huck’s adventures as he moves down the river helps him learn many lessons. He grows a conscience that makes him feel for humanity. Therefore, all lessons that Huck learns during his quest for adventure and freedom helps him advance as a person. In his adventure, Huck finds a robber’s stash of gold, and he gains much money. While in Widow Douglas’ home, his father Pap appears in town and demands money from his son Huck. One Judge decides to reform Pap who unfortunately retains his old behavior. Huck can read and bear Douglas trials to change him. Pap dangles everywhere in the town harassing Huck. When Widow Douglas realizes that Huck is resisting change, she forces him out of her house. At this time, Pap is still in the town and gets an opportunity to find his son Huck. When he is drunk, Pap beats his son hard. Pap tells Huck “Don’t you give me none o’ your lip,” says

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