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EHR Implementation Name Institution Abstract Electronic health records (EHRs) are important in the domain of health because they help to reduce errors, which have been a public concern due to the high levels of morbidity and mortality. Successful implementation of EHRs is paramount and should be guided by the appropriate set of rules and a strong workforce. Among the various rules that guide EHR implementation are HIPAA, HIPAAA Privacy Rule Security rule, and HITECH involved in ensuring privacy, securing that privacy, and meaningful use of these systems, respectively. The EHR is a new concept that is gradually evolving; thus, the credentials of the professional healthcare team involved in the implementation process vary from one organization to the other as each organization tries to adopt strategies that are suitable for itself based on the organizational structure and available resources. Even though the EHR implementation process is costly, the outcomes outweigh the benefits; therefore, healthcare organizations should not shun away from effectively implementing these EHRs. Keywords: EHR, Implementation, Rules, Credentials, Healthcare, Professionals, Standards, Practice Step 1: As part of the EHR Implementation Team, you are given the task to research 3 of the following laws, standards, or regulations that govern the EHR. You will need to discuss what they are and what their importance is for the EHR implementation. Perform research as needed, and provide APA references. The standards that you may choose from are as follows: HIPAA In reference to Ozair, Jamshed, Sharma, and Aggarwal (2015), the HIPAA protects patient information from being accessed by an

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