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Name Professor Title Date Admission Essay Today human resource management is an area of commerce and industry that is having ever-increasing importance. HRM is a field that has gone from strength-to-strength this is due to the emphasis on the development of the workforce to improve quality of product and services as well as productivity (Budhwar et al. 20). It is no doubt that HRM is now a crucial component in business operation. In this regards graduate and master's degree have become significantly important in today's job market. And as a result, it has become increasingly paramount to find a way in the field of HRM to stand out by offering a competitive advantage. This is why I am so personate in my bid to pursue a doctorate in HRM as a way of exposing myself to a world-class education. Outside the class, I have had experience both as an employee and as an intern. It is during these time that I got informative learning experiences. Besides, this helped me to understand the role of HR personnel in training and recruiting, performance management, cross culture communication among other through my experiences I have a new found appreciation of how important a human resource manager is for the success of any business and it is during this time that I started preparing to further my studies in this field. As per my future goal, I plan to devote my time and energy to study your doctorate program as my short-term goal to cultivate the expertise of HRM. As part of business continuity, I plan to work with my parent company after completion to learn the practical skills of learning a company. I will apply what I have learned and what I will learn in your program to

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