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Salary increment and working condition improvement requests Author Institution Salary increment and working condition improvement requests Dealing with employees demands that are based on salaries or working conditions can be quite challenging especially when the company has no plans of improving one or both sectors. When the requests are not dealt with cautiously, it might result into an unwanted loop of issues such as confrontations or even resignation by the workers; all these have a negative impact to the performance of the company. In such an instance, one of the response is meeting the workers and explaining the current situation of the organization such as the firm facing hard times and therefore not able to meet their needs. The explanation may motivate the workers to go back to work hoping the situation will change in the future and their demands will be met. The ethical issue in speaking to the workers is making them understand the state of the company and why this might hinder granting their requests. The other option is doing nothing and waiting to see it the situation will fix itself; the ethical issue achieved by this method is based on the aspect that, talking to the employees might be feeding them with false hopes which might have more severe effects on the company when things do not change as expected. In this situation, the workers are given an opportunity to makes choices without the interference of the management. Various arguments support talking to the employees. Speaking to the workers is an indicator that the management team treats the demands with respect. The staff members must have considered all the consequences before asking for the

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