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Human Resource Management Student’s name Institution  Introduction Change is one factor of the universe that always remains constant and happens in all spheres. Businesses are not exempt from it. As such, an organization has always to monitor events occurring both within and outsides its structure. This is because internal change may cause a shift in staff productivity and, on the other hand, external factors may affect sales. These have a direct impact on its revenue. Of the many resources at work, labor is amongst the most vital. Human capital is necessary for efficient production and operations management. However, there are situations where there is need to either cut or add to it. The management of human resources is essential for the survival of an organization. Before there are changes to the prevailing HR practices, it is always necessary to review the current state of a firm. This will create an insight into the fields needing change and those to remain as they are. The department of human resource is tasked with the responsibility of dealing with employee affairs both in the favorable climates and when the business climate is worse. For instance, decrease in sales as a factor may, in one scenario, results in layoffs. This task is solely handled by the HR department. For The King Company, the business environment is not at its best. This results from the ripple effect from their chief customer’s low business. As such, the company is in a bid to cut down on costs whilst maintaining its business operations. Though there are other avenues for this, human capital is bound to take a blunt hit from the undertaking. As the HR practitioner, it falls

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