Howl Allen Ginsberg

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Name Professor Course Date Howl by Allen Ginsberg The Howl illustrates the social challenges of special groups in the society. The poem is divided into three notable sections (stanzas). The first one talks about the kind of people the poet seeks to highlight. These people consist of individuals who are misfits and outcasts in the society such as homosexuals, drug-addicts, wanderers or homeless people, sex addicts, artists, and poets. The society fails to acknowledge the value of people who appear confused and doomed to fail. The next section discusses what led to these destructive habits. Ginsberg blames some ancient god, Moloch, for their fate. These people perform obscene acts on the streets and are more likely to make poor choices in life. The situation becomes aggravated by suggesting that these people can be found in a psychiatric hospital. Although most of the mentioned characters are in the street, the poet mocks the world by talking about psychological problems and where these people are found in large numbers. The organized plot suggests that the main theme of the poem was salvation and restoration of the current generation in the secular world. Other themes would include religion, drug abuse, and sexual immorality and their impact on the American society. Moloch is described as the reason why the lives of these people deteriorated. He represents the negative aspects of the America during the Beat Generation. Examples of these destructive elements are the authoritative government, capitalism, discrimination, hatred, wars, and anti-Gay movements. In fact, the poem is a deliberate rebellion against the vices which ruin the concept of love among people.

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