How you can make your town good again

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course number: Date: How You Can Make Your Town Good Again The nature of a town is usually said to describe the people occupying it. This, therefore, raises the need to maintain and preserve the visual appeal and public image that is portrayed by a town. Decline in the charm or quality of a town can be indicated by the reduction of population and visitors, the deterioration of the social amenities like health care and sanitation and the overall lack of maintenance of the infrastructure. All these indicators are evidence of the laxity by the members of the township in taking initiatives to keep city’s image up to standard. Enhancement of the appearance of a metropolis can be realized by fighting negligence on the parts of both the authorities and members of the town. Firstly, the selection of a motivated and goal oriented leadership to govern formulated policies that will guide the restructuring and revitalization of the city. Leaders in a city are instrumental in setting the pace and trend of improving and restoring the lost glory of a city. With proper planning, the leaders can decide on which sector to start with and where to end. For instance, wise leaders will start with upgrading public sanitation before roads and schools. Secondly, investment in the proper healthcare facilities and qualified personnel because each community should be guaranteed of treatment in case of emergencies and diseases. This is a primary need that ensures the comfortability of its occupants. The third point is to promote the picture and image of the town; this can be done by the renovation of the buildings and the infrastructure of the

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