How U.S. Policy of Containment was used by Presidents from President Truman to L.B. Johnson

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THE USE OF THE US CONTAINMENT POLICY BY DIFFERENT PRESIDENTS Name: Class: Date: Introduction The cold started in 1947 after the end of the Second World War. It was political tension between the eastern and western bloc powers. Any good leader will acknowledge that war requires a strategy for one to win especially when the enemies are strong. George F. Kennan, a diplomat, was the man who rose up to the occasion and formulated the containment policy to help the United States win the war. The system which was first expressed through the journal of the time known as foreign affairs was received negatively by the majority with Kennan being criticized over and over. Time would later change the view of the people and make this the main strategy to win the cold war. The policy was a combination of varying strategies that the United States would apply to curb the spread of the then unwanted communism in the United States. This move was initiated by the Soviet Union’s move try to increase its communist's circle. It was introduced in the reign of Harry Truman who fully accepted and used it. This policy was received differently by different presidents. Some saw it as the perfect tool while others saw it an instrument of failure. Some like Jimmy Carter found themselves in both sides. He first at first was against the policy claiming that human rights were better observed but he later praised it when the Soviets attacked Afghanistan in 1979. Richard Reagan opted for friendliness an act that saw him expand trade and ties in an expense of the policy which he did not approve its method of action. This research paper is aimed at discussing to detail how four particular

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