How to Win Friends and Influence People : Real life application.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People : Real life application. Ever since the year 1912, Dale Carnegie has held a lot of adult education seminars in public speaking that has an application in both the informal as well as the business settings. It later dawned on him after the United YMCA organization and University of Chicago did a survey where it was discovered that the second desire in almost every adult is to persuade, understand and make other individuals like them. On the realization of this, Dale Carnegie embarked to create a fresh book without any known reference book. In 1936, the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” was published by Dale Carnegie. The book's sales skyrocketed, and it became one of the first best-selling books that deal with self-help. For a very long time, my father advised me to read this book to help my networking skills in college. The coincidence is that my course required me to read the book too, and after reading it, I now know why my father insisted that I should read this book; it has substantially improved my leadership and networking skills. In the chapter, “A simple way to make…” the author’s primary principle is the importance of smiling when interacting with other individuals. He states that happiness is not dependent on an individual's outward condition or what an individual has or who an individual is or where a person is at; rather, it is what a person thinks about it that makes him/her happy or sad (Carnegie, 67). The message Carnegie passes here resonates with me because I often experience a lot of problems opening myself up to things that are new to me and I also have a sense of learned helplessness.

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