How to prepare to take an examination

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Taking Examinations Name Institution Taking Examinations There are various strategies for preparing for an examination that I used in my previous college. Firstly, I do not utilize cramming as a method of understanding concepts and retaining knowledge. Instead, I prefer active reading for a period of 20 to 30 minutes as it has long-term retention benefits. Secondly, I perform physical exercises to improve blood circulation and enhance retention memory. Thirdly, I alternate study spots to improve retention of information (Andrews & Schulze, 2018). I can use a study room, the library, or theatre halls for studying at different times of the day. Fourthly, I have learned the art of time management since I allocate study time depending on the weight of the subject. Additionally, I minimize distractions during study times. I normally keep my mobile phone away from the study room and minimize the time of watching television programs. Also, I have learned to make the best use of practice-testing through flashcards and taking practice exams. The importance of earning credit by examination is to save military tuition assistance for various courses being undertaken. Besides, earning credit by examination helps a student spend less time in studying courses that he/she could easily pass after doing a single examination. It also gives students the confidence to handle academic challenges. The various obstacles faced by students in preparing for examinations such as improper scheduling where study activities do not take precedence in a timetable. Moreover, the distractions from mobile phones and social media notifications are a great obstacle (Daly et al., 2015). I

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