How to develop a positive classroom climate

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date How to Develop a Positive Classroom Climate It is very important to form and to maintain a positive, supportive, and tolerant environment for the entire class. The atmosphere that is optimistic and fit grant students with a foundation that meet their potential fully. An educator should create good relationships with parents and students just from the day of admission. Teachers should allow students to understand them by exchanging letters or making fun icebreakers (Hue, and Wai-shing 63). A teacher should send each parent a letter or even make a call to form the relationships immediately. Taking time in building relationships helps to form individual relationships which can last as well as forming a community for the students. Learning should be relevant since students become more committed to learning as well as retaining knowledge in a better way when they realize that the lesson is relevant and essential to their prosperity and happiness. Teachers can modify teaching strategies and methods by discovering the students’ talents, interest and learning styles (Hue, and Wai-shing 162). By offering students a word on how their classroom performs, teachers raise students’ feeling of ownership within the process of Education. Trust is also another important thing which can create a positive classroom climate. Teachers should let students make decisions and be freed to have a suggestion from the layout of the classroom to project opinion. An educator should have fewer decisions to make as well as fun to enable students to feel that they helped in forming their atmosphere. Even though new technology can

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