How the Work of Taylor Apply to Business Today

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How the Work of Taylor Apply to Business Today In the study of management, one comes across scholars who gave out immense contributions to the area such that their opinions still count today. One of such essential contributors to management is Taylor. This great thinker came up with the theory of scientific management. The scientific management as outlined by Taylor is still in an application in businesses today through various aspects. In this paper, there is an analysis of the use of the work of Taylor in companies today. There is an analysis of the reactions to Taylor's work in connection with business management. There has been the utilization of peer reviewed articles from credible sources for the articulation of the information. Following the contributions of Taylor, there has been much adoption of scientific approach towards business management. Much of the reactions to Taylor’s work, especially the positive ones, have been from consideration of the background of the coining of the scientific management approach by Taylor, (La Londe, Bernard & Edward, 11). This view emanates from the concerns that; Taylor’s articulation of the scientific management approach originated from the observation of the rule of thumb that many management systems used to get the employees to perform, Taylor made an observation that there was minimized production following the disgruntled feelings of the workers. In today’s business management, there is a view of the reduction of the number of motions in a bid to have efficient production. This element comes from the aspect of time and motion study which Taylor coined to articulate the scientific management method. It is an aspect

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