How the United States War on Drugs Creates a Social Injustice

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How the United States War on Drugs Creates a Social Injustice Name Institution affiliation Abstract Scholars define social justice as the acts of conforming to the natural law by all persons irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, possessions, religion etc. This natural rule also imposes a social responsibility and role that ensures that individuals work together for the benefit of everyone in that particular niche. Any act that is on the contrary amount to societal injustices and are therefore deemed as shear violation of human rights. The US is one of the countries that have been on the limelight for fueling such injustices through its eradication of drugs. See, this crusade raises some questions regarding whether it is meant to benefit or harm. In fact, vast sources have indeed affirmed that this is purely segregation based and only pervasively targets the minority races and other crime prone individuals. This work therefore explores the extensive areas under the umbrella of drug use in the US in an attempt to offer sound solutions and decisions on the issues revolving around this seemed complex and multi-sector problem. In effect, it discusses racism as the basis for the deep-seated injustices in the sector. The paper also explores the role of organized, powerful drug gangs who are mostly liable for the burden, but go uncharged because of being from a particular society. The paper concludes that, the US can only successfully fight this menace of drugs through ‘instilling more progressive, people centered, and just policies’ (ACLU, 2001, p.1). Key words: Gangs, injustice, US, Society, racial minorities, the police, federal, black

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