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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Culture and Identity Personal identity is crucial for an individual as it helps in telling their story to the rest of the world. Cultural assimilation affects the values and beliefs of a person compromising on their identity. The influence of the western culture (American) has been spreading at a fast rate especially to the ‘colored’ citizens of the country replacing their traditions with those of the whites. Most of the people especially those who move to foreign countries in such of greener pastures are forced to surrender or forsake their cultures to fit into the new society. While studies have indicated potential cultural extinction and loss of identity through assimilation, other research, however, contradict with this concept stating that it is not a loss but simply a shift in identity through the acquisition of a ‘better’ culture. Identity and culture are looked at with reference bildungsroman, affirmative action, and class inequalities. Bildungsroman Rodriguez’s perception of his Mexican culture as an adult is different from when he was a child. Unlike the days when he used to find comfort at home when the family spoke Spanish, he no longer sees any pride in speaking a language that only made him different from the rest of the people. Through gaining an education, he has a new way of looking at things. He considers not knowing how to speak proper English embarrassing and a drawback to achieving more in life. Contrary to this Castillo is keen on the preservation of one’s identity despite the acquisition of new language. According to Castillo (18), culture defines rights and wrongs and forms the foundation of

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