How the media affects body image

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Name Institution Course Date Body Image and the Media Introduction Media images displayed showing an extra thin shape of the body can be seen everywhere both in the mainstream media and social media platforms. These media images are displayed on magazines, billboards, in ads and commercials. Continuous interest on the body image of women has grown over the years. Severs research has been done on women’s eating patterns, self-esteem, and how these two aspects are influenced by what women see in the media. This area of study is crucial because identifying the link between poor body image and what the media portrays can enhance evaluation and implementation of successful interventions. An intervention can reduce the number of cases of bulimia and anorexia, increase positive body shape and boost self-esteem among women. Body image includes our emotions, imagination, perception, and physical feeling off and about our body figures. Our body image is ever changing depending on our environment, mood, and physical appearance. It is simply sensations within our body and about our body. Media refers to a medium of communicating with the public. Sociocultural theory on body image is the general standards set by the Society for beauty that stress the desire for thin body image and that this ideal image is approved by a majority of women, even though it is not achievable by a majority of women. Purpose The current study aims to determine if women exposed to media images of the thin body shapes have a negative perception of their body image. One of the pressures driving both teenage girls and adult women to look thin is the media. The surge in the number of ideal thin body shapes

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