How The Cold War Created Astrobiology

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Cold War and Astrobiology Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: Cold War and Astrobiology Cold War encompasses the extended period of enmity between the United States (U.S.) and the USSR after the end of the WWII till the early 1990s. Astrobiology concerns itself with unearthing life from its incidence through evolution. Cold War cultivated rivalry matters science and technology between the warring countries. This led to the creation of NASA responsible for landmark developments in astrobiology as a direct response to the USSR after launching the first orbit satellite. This paper investigates the link between the Cold War and astrobiology. Cold War marks an extended period where the Eastern bloc and the Western bloc were at loggerheads. The tension extended from 1947 through 1991 (Gaddis, 2005). Large-scale fighting was absent between the U.S. and the USSR thus the term “cold” war. However, both sides supported a series of major regional wars. The War emerged after the World War II largely driving attention away from Nazi Germany to the U.S. and the USSR. The USSR led by the Communist Party exercised Marxism whereby the media, the military, and the economy was controlled by the government. In contrast, the U.S. exercised democracy whereby the government had minimal control over the press, the military, and the economy (Gaddis, 2005). Although the USSR and the U.S. never engaged in a fully-fledged combat, each side was armed with nuclear weapons. The philosophy of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) where the attacker was assured of a deadly assault discouraged either side from starting a war (Gaddis, 2005). The initial phase of the Cold War commenced in

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