How The Authors Portray And Examine Negative Stereotypes Of The Homeless

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Many conservatives have described homeless people as those who are affected by addiction problems or those individuals who are mentally ill (Lynch, 1). On the other hand, Liberals point out that difficult economic times, bad luck and bad timing are some of the factors that promote homelessness. The articles indicate that the number of the homeless has risen and since they are not able to fight for their rights, the government has always neglected them on the streets. In her story, Anna Quindlen points out that, modern homes are not homes as they were previously, but they have been converted to real estates. The homeless prefer sleep sitting on benches and in doorways rather than under shelters (Quindlen, 1). Anna points out that they prefer those benches because they are emotionally ill, while some others have been locked before and they seem to be damned when they will be locked again (Quindlen, 2). Other homeless people are afraid of the trouble and violence that may exist in the homes. On the other hand, some homeless people have been found themselves in that position due to an untimely layoff or they lack relatives who might have rescued them. Although there are some compassionate and wise people trying to get some assistance to this group of people, many leaders are described to be avoiding matters about the homeless. The homeless people are not shown any form of sympathy since most people see them as a minor annoyance on the streets. Moreover, other people have characterized them as alcoholics and a bunch of degenerates who entirely deserve an unfortunate fate. In a developed country such as the United States, homelessness is brought by a variety of factors and not

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