How the African Americans Experience Criminalization

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This study focuses on the history of criminalization of Blacks and enslavement to imprisonment. It focuses on the African American history as it relates to the lives and social status of Blacks in the country. The article further observes the ethics and ideas of a social society directed by African Americans to alter power so that Blacks can be considered Americans, not by color. There are a number of topics discussed include the killing of a Black teenager, Mike Brown by a police named Darren Wilson in Missouri. It also covers a requirement of the law to manage police intimidation, the outlawing of Black societies and police cruelty; and crime against Mike Brown's homicide. Debates surrounding the Black Lives Matters Movement include the African American experience of criminalization, and they are arguing that Black people are deliberately left powerless under police custody in state violence. The movement covers how Blacks are deprived of their civil rights and self-respect. In Du Bois terms, it is referred to as double-consciousness. From Du Bois passage regarding double-consciousness, readers can understand the burden of being Black and American. Although it was published a long time ago, for many present-day Blacks, this passage reflects how Black societies still experience the deadly force of the police. It gives the understanding that there is still little done regarding Black and being an American. The passage offers a perception that African-Americans still have a long way to handling racism. Aguilar, Ernesto, and Melissa Chiprin. "Criminalization Of Culture And The Rise Of Dissent." Value Inquiry Book Series 261. (2013): 41-57. Academic Search Premier. Web. 15

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