How social media/networking change the world

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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date How Social Media/Networking Change the World Annotated Bibliography Acquisti, Alessandro, and Ralph Gross. "Imagined communities: Awareness, information sharing, and privacy on the Facebook." International workshop on privacy enhancing technologies. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, (2006): 36-58. This article talks about the security and privacy issues of online social networking site like Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster. This research especially concentrates on the application of Facebook as it attempts to determine behavioral and demographic disparities between the community and non-community members, assess the effect of privacy issues on participant conducts, and contrast member communicated mentality to their actual behavior and mentality (Acquisti and Gross 38). Results of this study show that a person’s privacy issues are only a weak determinant of his or her affiliation with the social network. This piece is useful because it has valid and reliable information about the relationship between social networking sites and people’s privacy and security. It will be utilized in the research project to explain how these privacy issues can be of adverse impacts on even large companies and governments. Fischer, Eileen, and A. Rebecca Reuber. "Social interaction via new social media:(How) can interactions on Twitter affect effectual thinking and behavior?." Journal of business venturing 26.1 (2011): 1-18. This piece is an article talking about the negative impacts of social media on the social skills of individuals. The authors provide data that supports their focus, which relates to the reality that individuals

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