How sarah higgins made history

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HOW SARAH TILGHMAN HUGHES MADE HISTORY Name: Class: Date: Introduction In the discussion of the history of Texas, there are many deliberations on Sarah Hughes. This lady made history through many incidences which are under consideration in this paper. In outlining how Sarah made history, there is a discussion of the background of this personality which forms the basis of the determination that she had. There is also analysis of the various achievements which went a long way in the culmination of the history that she made. There is the utilization of different sources in a bid to retrieve as much information on the figure as possible. There is credibility in the sources because there seems to be much agreement on the content, and, further, there is an orientation towards glorifying the undertakings of Sarah which contribute to her making of history. Background Sarah Tilghman Hughes was born in 1896 in Baltimore, Maryland to James and Elizabeth. “For her high school, she went to the girls’ only Salem Academy whereby; upon consideration of her traits she got selection the president of the freshman class.” Although she was very young and small bodied, the classmates used to describe her as terrible due to her ability to stand her ground and make accurate decisions. “This stance at the school could very much be in association with her leadership qualities which came to propel her to become the American female lawyer and a federal judge when such posts were not easy to achieve, and especially for a woman.” “The brightest part of the history that Sarah made was the swearing-in of Lyndon Johnson as the president of the United States.” The swearing in was

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