How People Think Differently when a Woman or a Man Is Being Abused

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The notion that women are weaker than men are causes the society to react differently when a man or a woman is the recipient of public violence. The society is quick to offer help when the woman is a victim of violence of any kind but the same vigor is not used when the man is the victim of violence. People are reluctant to help men because a man is expected to fight his battles and show strength. An experiment where people were allowed to watch a video of a man and a woman being victims of abuse and the reaction of the public in each of the incidences was used for the study. The population of the study comprised of people from different cultural backgrounds, different genders, and different age groups. The results indicate that the society believes that men are more likely to become abusers while women are more prone to victimization. However, the roles of gender in violence have changed and today women are becoming abusers while the number of male victims is rising by the day. It is, therefore, necessary for the societies of the world to change the narrative and the attitude shown to men who are victims of abuse. How People Think Differently When a Woman or a Man Is Being Abused Background of the Study The traditional notion that women are the only victims of violence no longer holds water in the current generation. Abuse whether physical abuse, emotional abuse or intellectual abuse affect all genders today. Women have become quite assertive and willing to fight for their rights. Issues of domestic violence where the man is the victim of the violence are reported every day in various institutions. However, regardless of the inversion of the gender roles, the society

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