How our disaster personalities can be better prepared for catastrophes?

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: How to Prepare Disaster Personalities to Deal with Catastrophes Catastrophes affect the lives of people on a daily basis. Natural calamities and human triggered calamities occur in the lives of people often in the current age. As a result of the increasing number of calamities, societies have formed ways of coping with such issues at individual and corporate level. Governments of the world invest a lot in planning for disasters toe limit the chances of such occurrences happening and reduce the effects of calamities on the economic, social, and political aspects of a community. Technology networking can go a long way in ensuring community preparedness (Bonabeau and Stephenson 8). However, no matter how well a society manages to prepare strategies to deal with catastrophes, some situations are unavoidable, and they cause considerable loss of life and property. Moreover, catastrophes are costly. In cases of tsunamis and earthquakes, people loose a lot of resources thus affecting the economy of the society in a negative way. Organizations loose important employees and machinery that can take a long time to replace. Additionally, governments invest so much money in reconstructing a society that has been hit by a catastrophe, money that would have been used to promote growth and development of the society. On the contrary, disaster effects spread to families, co-workers and bordering countries at some point. For instance, if a catastrophe occurs in one country leaving the majority of the people homeless, masses can immigrate to the neighboring countries to seek for short refuge as their former world is reconstructed (Stein 51). In such a

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