How Lower Merion School District improves the Satisfaction of its Customers

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Parents are the primary clients of the schools in Lower Merion School District (LMSD). The district has implemented various policy guidelines and measures to help the schools achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. One of these measures is the requirement that schools hire qualified teachers only. LMSD recognizes that professionally trained teachers are the most valuable resource for improving learning in its schools (Rury, 2002). In this regard, LMSD encourages schools to develop modalities for recruiting and retaining highly motivated teachers as a way of strengthening relationships with parents. The second measure that LMSD has taken to improve the satisfaction of parents is the requirement that all schools provide facilities for extracurricular activities. The district emphasizes the significance of extracurricular activities for the proper development of students. All schools operating under LMSD offer diverse extracurricular programs such as music, ball games, athletics and student’s clubs. The district also encourages constant communication between teachers and parents. Through these communications, teachers get to understand important family issues that could have an impact on student performance. Some of these issues include serious illnesses, pending divorce or separation, change of medication, and impending trips among others. Constant communications help parents and teachers to avoid blaming each other in case of any problems. Lastly, the district has enforced a strict anti-bullying policy for all schools. Bullying is a major issue in most US schools. According to Garbarino and Lara (2003), bullying is a leading cause of poor performance and school

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