How lasting is a first impression?

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Name Professor Title Date How lasting is a First Impression The impression is a view or feeling about something or someone shaped without conscious thought or on the center of little evidence. A first impression forms when people meet for the first time. It takes a few seconds for a first impression to shape based on what is seen or heard. In most cases, a first impression concentrates on strength, competence, confidence and trustworthiness. A first impression is difficult to change and therefore people need to make a positive first impression. A first impression is powerful and lasts for a long time unless it is confronted in different compound contexts. Once a person makes a first impression, it is difficult for that person to find a second chance to influence it. Any new familiarities that refute the first impression remain attached to the context in which they are made. However, a first impression remains dominant in other contexts. For example, if you meet a new person for the first time and a first impression of the individual is bad, that dominates all contexts. If you meet the same person in a wedding and find that the person is good but not as you thought, then in all wedding contexts the impression for that person will be good, but in all other contexts, a first impression will dominate. Although the first impressions are persistent, sometimes they can be changed. This can be achieved if a first impression is confronted in diverse compound contexts. These different new contexts will almost dominate and therefore, the first impression will with time lose its power. However, if a first impression is confronted within a similar context, nothing will

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