How is psychology a science? How can you trust psychological studies?

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Psychology as a Science Student’s name Institution Psychology is a discipline with different branches dealing with human behaviors and the mind. It features in the fields of sports, health and deeply on cognitive processes. Science, on the other hand, is a versatile term referring to the systematic study of the world through observatory techniques and experimentation. Practitioners of psychology often use these scientific means to arrive at deductive conclusions. In their inquiries, they make use of these basic scientific traits. The knowledge they develop serves to better individuals and society as a whole. Science deals with data collection. This is in pursuit of a broader and accurate understanding of natural features and occurrences. To better explain human behavior, information is needed. A quest for this makes psychology a scientific endeavor. Observations and sampling of data are followed by analysis just as in other scientific disciplines. These empirical methods find use again when previous knowledge gets refurbished and, in some cases, refuted. This follows discoveries that result in a questioning of the known- a wholly scientific approach. In understanding why people behave the way they do, psychologists climb a platform on which they can predict future behaviors. It is reliable because individuals displaying certain traits may consequently get health assistance if deemed to be at a psychological risk. These predictions are additionally relevant to businesses as they help them gauge consumer reception. This, in turn, assists companies in product design and marketing campaigns. Again, psychological findings are important to politics (Keillor,

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