How is love different from sexual desire, or is it?

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Name Professor Title Date Difference between Love and Sexual desire Human relationships are controlled by three emotional systems in the brain. Though the emotional systems are separate, they coordinate to give satiating results. These three emotional systems are; sexual desire, love, and attachment. The feeling of being secure and comfortable when individuals are close to one another relies on emotional attachment system. Attachment gives people in a relationship a sense of inevitability and steadiness. They feel that someone is always on their side in the time of need. Love and sexual desire are influenced by different emotional systems and hence their difference. A person may be in deep love with another person but no sexual desire. Also, a person may have sex with a person he or she doesn’t love. This article will discuss the difference between love and sexual desire. Love is an emotional system that gives an individual the craving to take care of someone else. Love brings about friendship and sincere appreciation. Love emotional system doesn’t work the same way with all people. Individuals are influenced differently by emotional love system. People can love each other and never have intimacy. Love appreciates the variances between individual’s anticipations and reality. When people have strong sexual feelings for each other, it is lust or sexual desire which is influenced by the sexual desire emotional system in the brain. Sexual desire is a strong emotion that is ignited by the other person’s physical appearance. Sexual desire only leads to intimacy. Therefore, it is lust and doesn’t guarantee a long-term relationship to those involved. Love

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