How is emotion socially constructed?

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HOW EMOTION IS SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED by Name Class Name Of Professor Institution City and State Date Introduction Emotions are states of the mind of an individual that occur naturally and are usually instinctive. Emotions are derived from a person’s circumstance, relationship with other people or mood. Through emotion an individual is capable of experiencing feelings such as joy, hate, love, anger, and fear among other feelings (Solomon, 2003). Emotions can either be tense or more contained and can be spurred in a number of ways such as through telling and listening to a story. People can have their emotions out of control and thus the need for a therapist. Emotions can also either change a person’s life or transcend a person’s mind and body. “Emotions can be viewed as culturally delineated types of feelings and affects” (Thoits, 1989). Social science defines emotions as “social objects”. This is because emotions can be referred to and acted towards, and can be used to make statements (McCarthy, 1989). Indicators To Emotional Social Construction The first indicator of emotional social construction is the gendered meanings of emotions. In the society today, women are generally viewed as nurturing while men on the other hand as aggressive. These natures of men and women are believed to be as a result of socialization of boys and girls identities of their respective genders. Considering emotion as a kind of language also indicates its social construction. In this consideration two types of distinctions exist: the “I” and the “me” kinds of people. The “I” is as a result of lack of social interaction and is mainly focused on self needs and wants.

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