How important is Andrew Jackson to American history?

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Name: Professor’s Name: History 3 November 2016 The importance of Andrew Jackson to American history Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, left a rich legacy in American history. Born in 1767 in poverty, he quickly rose to become a wealthy lawyer in Tennessee and eventually a politician. He was one of the most influential and yet again, most polarizing presidents that ever was in America. He played a major role in what we see today as an American democracy. This paper, therefore, discusses the role he played as one of the presidents of America. Military Hero Andrew Jackson’s leadership skills during the time when the United States was in a military campaign against Creek Indians, who were allies of the British, saw him rise in power, famed as a military hero. He defeated John Quincy Adams and became the president of the United States in 1827. As the political system in America developed into a multi-party system, he became the head of the Democratic party. He opposed the Whig party and the Congress, which was good for the American political system's development and has become an important part of American politics to date. Relocation of Native Americans His rule, however, became tarnished when he did not take any action against Georgia thus allowing a forced relocation of Native Americans on the East side of the Mississippi. In 1835, the Cherokee Indians signed a treaty, giving up their land for a territory in the west of Arkansas and their relocation in 1938 led to the death of thousands. This particular instance is a black spot in Jackson's legacy which was vindicated in 1836 when his chosen successor Martin Van Bauren won

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