How I Became A Master Student

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Becoming a master student is a journey of self-development. The journey involves several steps forward, mixed with setbacks and also full of life lessons. All this contribute towards the development of the master student. Personally, I became a master student by focusing on my goals and committed myself to their achievement. The expression of intention was the first step in focusing. Often, it is easy to proclaim intention. However, it is not enough when the intentions are not time bound and are also not specific. Mastery demands accountability. It is impossible to have accountability where there are not time-bound and specific goals. This realization was my first step towards being a master student. After this realization, the next phase is the commitment to the achievement of the set goals. The initial development of the goals is very easy as ambition may drive it. However, the ambition may not be a sustainable driver for change. Instead, a commitment in the form of accountability to oneself and periodic auditing of the activities helps to propel one forward in the journey towards mastery. This entails a willingness to participate in events, high personal responsibility, competence, and organization. The journey to mastery is continuous. In my journey to mastery of English language, there are several tips that come in handy. For example, the use standard English at every opportunity fosters understanding of the language. Contextual variants like idioms, slangs, dialect and jargon impede the learning process. Another tip to mastery of the language is to have high levels of confidence about the skill acquired at any point in time. Starting conversations with native

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