How Hollywood influences our Views on what is War

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: How Hollywood Influences Our Views on What War Is Movies have a great contribution on what people consider the world to be and more so on painting the historical progression of various aspects of life. War movies have become very common among Hollywood films ever since the gulf war and the World War II. The role of these movies was and still is to sensitize the public about the nature of war and the effects that war has on every individual. War movies have also worked perfectly in inspiring patriotism and morale among the people during and after wars. Mixed arguments, however, exist regarding how the Hollywood film industry has influenced the public on what war is and how these films can be used in a better way to promote peace and unity in different nations. Cinema is believed to mirror the prevailing society and so about seventy percent of what people know war to be has been shaped by the film industry. Hollywood has also worked in various ways to distort the truth about what is war, thus influencing the public falsely (Trafton 69). All in all, the influence of the film industry on what people believe war to be cannot be disputed. Both the negative and positive perceptions have helped to build the society into what it is today. War movies glamorize the act of war rather than revealing the true nature of war to influence patriotism and moral people. Most of the war movies display the American soldiers as patriotic courageous people who work through every intricacy to bring victory to their nation. However, what these films do not show the people is the real mess that war creates and the dangers that the soldiers who engage in the battle face

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