How have humans adapted to the diverse environments of North america and to climate change over time?

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Name: Course: Instructor: Institution: Date of Submission: Introduction Climate change has been around for a long time, and people remarkably devised ways by which they had to adapt. The environment conditions at times were very hostile with high temperatures and other times had spells of below average degrees Celsius. But the ideal thing was that people were able to carry out their day-to-day activities conveniently. This paper will focus on how various groups of individuals in two chosen regions in North America were able to adapt and to these changes in the immediate climate. Furthermore, it will explain how the people were able to survive in unbearable environmental conditions. North America on the other hand, is understood to the third-largest continent in the world extending from the minute Aleutian Islands located in the Northwest to the great south where we have the Isthmus of Panama. Diverse environment adaptation in Canada The environment was once found to be completely hot and humid in the great Triassic period. In these instances, the early man found it hard to survive since the environment was not conducive enough to even stand the appropriate plants they were using as food. Therefore, for them to counter this effect they began establishing the upright walking posture and others in the same realm took the art of tool-making. This particular activity to adapt to a drier habitat was primarily known as the savanna hypothesis. Another factor that led to the adaptation of very unstable environments was the variability selection module. Adding onto this; variability selection was merely the benefits that an individual gets after various forms of

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