How has the air transportation system evolved from world War 1 to the 21st century?

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Evolution of Air Transport System Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The air transport system commenced several years before the First World War. However, this paper will focus on how has the air transportation system evolved from World War 1 to the 21st century. The war played a great role in the numerous development of the airline transport system as the ability to fly over obstacles especially in the battlefield brought eagerness in both the medical and the military communities. The air ambulances were introduced in 1945 after which the helicopters later displaced ground ambulances considering their speed as well as their versatility. In the mid-1960s, various casualties involving civilians were being transported for medical attention by helicopters. From the First World War, the air transport system has experienced rapid development and sector is currently able to provide access to every corner of the world. Currently, various aeromedical programs also continue to expand at a faster rate, even as proper scrutiny of their safety, efficacy, and costs are being explored. During the early 20th century after the commencement of the First World War, the air transportation system witnessed numerous developments as new technologies, and new planes entered the service (Bowen & Rodrigue, 2016). The airplane proved its effectiveness during the war as a military tool. It showed a great potential for commercial applications after the invention of early airmail service. The 1925 Airmail Act enabled the formation of a lucrative commercial airline industry as well as airline companies such as Ford Air Transport Service and Pan American Airways (Carter,

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