How Gaming Technology Improves Design & Construction

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Name Professors Name Course Number Date How Gaming Technology Improves Design & Construction Design and construction have developed into one of the most on demand, and the most pursued fields. One of the reasons why design and construction have become this popular is due to the increase in development in most countries such as the building of modern houses, roads, and bridges. There are, however, various factors that have proved fundamental to this rapid development in the design and construction industry. Improvement in gaming technology is one of the factors that have majorly impacted the design and construction industry due to its widespread use and complexity. Ways in Which Gaming Technology has Improved Design and Construction A Recent study shows that the design and construction industry has greatly improved in the recent years compared to the past. Some of the major improvements in the design and construction include the increase in complexity. In this case, individuals are able to come up with more sophisticated structures than before. There are also better regulatory measures for structures under construction and methods that can be used to evaluate the credibility of such structures to avoid future collapse. With all these improvements, there are various ways in which the gaming technology has distinctively ensured that they are well implemented (Alarcon & Mardones, 1-12). Simulation. Simulation is a unique technique that is mostly practiced in simulation gaming where an individual is able to put themselves in virtual environments. The incorporation of simulation in design and construction has had a great impact towards its recent improvement.

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