How frost at midnight by Samuel Coleridge shows the authors critique of enlightenment thought and the impact of industrialism on the individual’s life.

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FROST AT MIDNIGHT’S CRITIQUE OF ENLIGHTENMENT THOUGHT Name Subject Date “Frost at Midnight” is arguably one of the greatest conversational poems written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In early ninetieth and late eighteenth Century, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his friend William Wordsworth spearheaded a philosophical writing movement in England dubbed “Romantic Movement.” Romanticism transformed the way the society thought, and the Romantic Movement was regarded as a drive in the antiquity of ethos, an appealing method and an outlook of mind. Ideally, romanticism delivered the expression of the writer’s ideas and thoughts towards their societies, which were predominantly the United States and Europe. The movement was introduced to protest against Enlightenment that delivered stringent rationalism and ideology. The church played a significant role regarding Enlightenment thus religious conviction, and the significance of God was incorporated in numerous aspects of culture. Therefore, Romanticism was a reaction to the Enlightenment Movement and their pious dogma. Romantics believe that it is very paramount for one to maintain a connection with his or her emotions. They believed that the advances that Enlightenment made were fashioning an oppressive and conformist society. According to romantics, rationality and science were not sufficient to fully understand human personality and the world. Moreover, the advances in the modern world came at the price of values from the distant past that were slowly getting phased out. Romanticism was regarded as an assertion of the primacy of feeling and intuitive individualism. Those ideas were expressed through art in a

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